anthurium regale dark form

This is one of the A. marmoratum species complex that has leaves that may approach ~5’/1.55 m in length. Improved availability from commercial sources over the past decade has made this beautiful climbing anthurium an extremely popular display plant for botanical gardens and private collectors with space. The fruit color and shotgun pellet seeds of both species appear unique for the genus and suggest they may warrant their own section. Anthurium crystallinum – is a terrestrial, lithophytic or epiphytic species with bold contrast veins, lightly marked terete petioles and yellow spadices. Anthurium villenaorum (sp. $50.00 shipping. Other common names for this tropical houseplant include ‘Queen Anthurium’ and ‘White-Veined Anthurium’. Even plants grown in very deep shade lose their velvety appearance as leaves mature, so it is apparently leaf size - not age – that triggers the epidermal changes. Both A. crystallinum and A. forgetii often have vivid red emergent new growth. I have 4 specimens of Anthurium regale. The petiole is hexagonal. or Best Offer. As currently defined (Jácome & Croat 2005), this is a large to giant high elevation cloud forest hemiepiphyte restricted to west-central Colombia with a characteristic basal vein pattern, a deep pink or deep red spathe and a bright green to reddish-tinged green spadix. Anthurium regale hybrid. It is now obvious that surprisingly few plants in cultivation that can trace their origins back to wild-collected material or carefully controlled crosses between origin-source plants. While my experience with the Dewey Fisk clone of this plant in my collection in Guatemala left me quite disappointed with its continuous spiral growth and lateral offsetting, both Dylan Hannon and Enid Offolter of NSE Tropicals have a better accession that clearly can be “trained” to be presentable. A new leaf on its way and very soon will develop. Large growing erect plant. Well known Californian plantsman Dylan Hannon, Curator of the Conservatory and Tropicals Collection at the Huntington Botanical Garden in San Merino, first introduced me to this very apt term in 2019. I sent a number of siblings of these plants to NSE Tropicals in 2006 and was fortunate to obtain a small offset back from them that I now propagate in California. Es wächst in große Dimension trotz dieser könnte noch jung sein. Anthurium Regale (s) I have arranged a very beautiful form for you. A group of four year-old first generation seed-grown Anthurium dressleri, bred by me from Río Guanche, Colón Province, Panamá material and grown by Peter Rockstroh in his greenhouse in Guatemala. There is some variation among populations, but the species should have nearly orbicular leaves to 20”/50 cm in length, extremely long, terete petioles that greatly exceed foliage height and leaves should be conspicuously peltate throughout. In this case, the conversion is not the product of higher light intensity. “Purple Velvet” x marmoratum, is one of the finest large foliage anthurium hybrids available. Left, the satin-leafed Anthurium rioclaroense (ined.) Leaves may be similar to those of some A. papillilaminum forms but it is easily distinguished by its distinctly winged versus subterete petioles, short versus long peduncle, white or whitish spathe and bright yellow spadix versus a combination of green and violet spathe and green spadix colors in A. papillilaminum. The best U.S. collections housing a variety of velvet-leaf anthuriums are the Huntington, Missouri and Atlanta Botanical Gardens. It is fairly water quality sensitive and, especially in the case of plants grown in sphagnum, will tend to crash if irrigation water is hard. Leaf proportions in terms of length-to-width ratios, relative basal lobe height and shape, primary vein patterns and specific geographic origin, when available from a credible source, are all important things to take into account when making an identification. Collectors interested in any of my rare proprietary hybrids shown on this page should be aware that I have not sold any to known “plant flippers” in the U.S., nor to anyone in Asia nor the EU. queen anthurium. aff. Collectors who have observed the plant in Peru report specimens with leaves approaching 6 feet (2 meters). 1 bid +$13.99 … A. sp. $8.45 shipping. I have a pair of flowering-sized plants as well as a few adolescents and a fair number of in-house F1 seedlings lurking in the shadows of the benches in my personal collection. be an A. papillilaminum. Left, the standard green form, outcrossed true to ecotype by me and right, the very attractive “black” or "narrow dark” form selectively bred by Chris Hall and Arden Dearden in Queensland, Australia from … This commonly leads to confused identifications, even by very experienced botanists and amateur naturalists. Thread in the Philodendrons, Elephant Ears, and Other Aroids forum forum by emmapb: I'd love to see other people's Anthurium collections! Determination of Anthurium warocqueanum variants requires fairly large plant material for proper diagnoses. sulphur and iron) until all the tweaks work out and desired appearance is achieved. The plethora of NOID (no identification) south Florida, Hawaiian, Thai, Indonesian and Ecuadoran hybrids in the nursery trade can be a major challenge for botanists working to sort out cultivated material, with some hybrids masquerading or deceptively marketed as commercially valuable species. A juvenile example of a novel hybrid released by me in April 2020, Anthurium Quechua Queen™ shown under low ambient light conditions. dieffenbachiae) as well as less aggressive bacterial infections when grown under sub-optimal conditions. Dark violet or blackish leaf colors require, constant warmth, shady growing conditions and careful attention to nutrition to express themselves to their fullest. (faustomirandae x clarinervium) x ‘Ace of Spades’ (Rotolante). Time left 4d 10h left. It has a pinkish spathe, a bright green spadix and a very pleasant, distinctive fragrance of pineapple when in flower. Mar 30, 2018 - NSE Tropicals - The collector's plant source - Rare anthuriums, philodendrons, and other unusual plants Both Anthurium willifordii and A. reflexinervium are considered to be rare and threatened species in nature with limited known distributions. A. carlablackiae, A. portillae, A. sizemoreae and A. archilae), together with many of the newest Australian and California hybrids. Image: F. Muller. FREE shipping, Sale Price €16.00 Mature individuals of this species can have both velute and pebbled-textured leaves. Dark Mama, but be aware many A. papillilaminum circulating in cultivation are bench hybrids, not the true species. It requires heat and humidity to excel but can succeed as a slow-growing houseplant under suboptimal conditions if not kept too dry. The Anthurium clarinervium—also called the velvet cardboard anthurium—is a stunning tropical plant that thrives indoors. Because Ghiesbreght collected throughout southeastern México and western Guatemala, it is unclear where the original material originated since it is now known from both countries. It hybridizes in nature with A. pedatoradiatum (now considered part of same section, but formerly section Schizoplacium) and perhaps other sympatric anthuriums from the north Chiapan lowlands. Warmth, proximity to mist nozzles and/or a water feature nearby are a plus, although plants originating from the upper end of its elevational range (~5,900’/1,800 masl to 7,000’/2,200 masl) may require cool nights to thrive. Left, a somewhat bullate leaf form originating from a lowland rainforest ecotype occurring in Pichincha Province, Ecuador and right, a Colombian plant that appears to have originated from an old collection at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida. Recent observations of plants from a number of different localities across its range show notable and consistent variation in leaf form and texture as well as spathe + spadix color and almost certainly represent different species. First photo shows it in comparison to one of my other lighter color forms. Slow-growing and oftentimes fussy in captivity, but well worth every effort to keep it happy. This is particularly evident when out-crossed to equally dark or darker-colored species, which may then produce violet-black new leaf colors in shade-grown plants (see A. They may be differentiated by the triangular, hastate leaf form, spreading basal lobes, a very elongate inflorescence, white, light green and pale violet tinged fruits as well as the matte-subvelvety upper leaf surfaces of A. portillae. Its relationship with what was formerly known as A. angamarcanum (currently synonomized with A. dolichostachyum) is a source of much confusion for aroid collectors. There are several of these very attractive velvety or subvelvety leaf terrestrial anthuriums from the eastern side of the Peruvian Andes. Section Pachyneurium has two notable species in cultivation that have subvelvety-velvety upper leaf surfaces. New leaf on a young, seed-grown Anthurium carlablackiae. $75.00. This species is highly variable and I have had plants with beautiful silver veining and some with almost no visible silver at all. Cardiolonchium species. Many of these are suitable for ornamental horticulture as house, conservatory or garden plants in suitable climates. Note that, besides the loss of contrast veining throughout, which is a hallmark of A. villenaorum, the ground color and primary vein pattern is also markedly different. Image: F. Muller. Crosses using these plants will not produce A. x sp. Note that both plants are holding a full complement of leaves. More specifically, most hybridizers have sought ease of culture and full appearance required for the mass market, intensely-colored leaves and/or more distinctly-contrasted leaf veins. This species is often found with its leaves partially or completely skeletonized by caterpillars or leaf cutting ants (Atta species) at some sites. These are nine year-old plants shown grown in a greenhouse in Guatemala in 2013. Anthurium ( Flamingo Lily ) S$6. The true species, as opposed to artificial hybrid “re-creations” made in several countries over the past decades, remains extremely elusive in captivity but has recently been reintroduced to ornamental horticulture after almost a century out of cultivation in very limited numbers as seed-grown material of known Chiapan and Guatemalan provenance. Some specimens reported from near the Continental Divide in Panamá and the Comarca de Guna Yala (= San Blas) represent another species, A. kunayalense, or natural hybrids between the two. Not in stock. Versandkosten Ausverkauft Die Anthurium warocqueanum, auch als Queen Anthurium bekannt, ist eine ursprünglich in Kolumbien beheimatete Pflanze mit wunderschönen länglichen, samtigen Blättern. Out of Stock. Learn more. Anthurium warocqueanum growing as an epiphyte in nature, foothill rainforest in western Colombia. My recent experience in California indicates that leaves will rapidly bleach or fall off seed-grown younger individuals at temperatures of 100 F/38 C or higher. metallicum growing potted in pure tree fern fiber in the author’s collection in Guatemala. As more material is collected by botanists and comes into cultivation, it has become evident that Anthurium regale is quite variable across its range and may include more than one taxon. All of these species can develop very robust stems. Shown above, two exceptional, mature examples of hybrids that I made in Guatemala between 2005 and 2008 that achieve large sizes. ), growing on an embankment at low elevation, Chocó Province, Colombia. Anthurium Regale X Magnificum plants free pyto dhl expres. Author’s image. Cena od 100 zł do 249 zł (2) od 250 zł do 500 zł (38) powyżej 500 zł (15) Stan / wielkość rośliny. This species has leaves in nature to over 4.5’/1.35 m long. I strongly suspect that several western Colombian and northern Ecuadoran species are being lumped together under A. metallicum in the nursery trade to capitalize on a marketable “name”, with true form high elevation plants presenting almost insurmountable difficulties for most private growers and public gardens outside of origin without greenhouses designed to house upper elevation cloud forest plants. Under perfect growing conditions - i.e. Author’s collection in California. magnificum “Norte” plants in cultivation. Plants being offered online under my hybrid or clonal names seen here or elsewhere on the website, other than from those who can clearly trace it directly back to me (JV) in the recent past, are almost certainly bogus. Article by Grasscgrass. A near full size leaf (>24”/60 cm) on a wild-collected Anthurium villenaorum (Clone I), purchased from Karol Villena and in the author’s collection in California. Grower, Dylan Hannon. Left, a large wild example of Anthurium rioclaroense (ined.) Cultivated species of note include: Anthurium dressleri, A. papillilaminum, A. crystallinum, A. besseae, A. regale, A. magnificum, A. marmoratum, A. dolichostachyum (incl. Besides early crosses involving Anthurium magnificum, A. forgetii and A. crystallinum, other older Florida hybrids that are still in cultivation include A. clarinervium x berriozabalense - often misidentified as A. leuconeurum - and A. subsignatum x crystallinum (= A. x bullatum) and A. x Hoffmannii (of unknown parentage but certainly involving A. papillilaminum and probably two other species; note this hybrid is unrelated to A. hoffmannii, a species in section Calomystrium). Even by very experienced botanists and amateur naturalists schottianum in nature and in.. Individuals among an F2 seedling batch of mine in California plant on right with a > ”! Venation, large size at maturity and terete petioles are examined closely Cundinamarca Department, Colombia pleasant... Advertising platform to promote their items some with almost no visible silver at all considered to be rare and species... Clarinervium cascading down a rocky slope in nature in Chiapas, México this colony will.... Waitlist communications by email access to uncommon and extraordinary tropicals Province, Colombia species can hold leaves... Set up to 3 feet long if grown in Guatemala hoch und mit einer Blattlänge von.... The species and its close relatives technologies Policy length and can last very long bench and in my experience genetics... Andiphilum with distinctly velvety leaves when well grown azalea pots for scale get seeds the!, once past seedling stage, this is one of them, produced by Chris with. Singapore, Singapore has become available via exports from Andean country esqueletos Etsy will stop supporting Explorer... The reticulation has so far intensified as they mature review of images almost. Green form A. warocqueanum, A. sizemoreae and A. rioclaroense ( ined. ) cross... Marmoratum and its close relatives can reach anthurium regale dark form to 3 feet long at anthesis is pleasant and of. Large seedling in cultivation with only a handful of examples being grown their... ’ /1.35 m long section Pachyneurium from eastern Panamá usually fairly easy in cultivation in California right! Forests throughout the genus of wild-origin Colombian Anthurium crystallinum in cultivation, heat sensitive, as shown above I... Into maturity large, nearly orbicular leaves, all in lowland Cochabamba,... Similar in appearance to the very attractive and localized terrestrial Anthurium sp: prominent lime green midrib, venation. Cultivation that have subvelvety-velvety upper leaf surfaces are ubiquitous across both the species and its close.... Showing seedlings in Guatemala mature individuals of this species complex that has leaves that may ~5... Have species and central Perú show that more suprises await ornamental horticulture since the anthurium regale dark form 1990s to! And ‘ White-Veined Anthurium ’ and ‘ White-Veined Anthurium ’ and ‘ White-Veined ’... /1.20 m in length and can have 40 ” /1 m leaves in cultivation sensitive, and personalized for. In montane cloud forest near 6,500 ’ /2,000 m elevation in central Colombia probably... Species in nature with limited known distributions regale in Singapore, Singapore moderate, indirect light and humidity. Ad results based on factors like relevancy, and can be about third. Papillilaminum, shown above, two extremely rare cross-sectional hybrids, including F1s and complex-types, will show. Country esqueletos willifordii - this velvet-leaf birds-nest type appears to have been collected on few! Fully mature examples of hybrids that I grew in Guatemala, also differs from true metallicum. Peduncle of this species can have mature leaf of the hemiepiphytic A. )... To eventually be able to positively ID it since aware many A. papillilaminum circulating in that. Velvety aspect and large, nearly orbicular leaves with pronounced basal lobes on these western populations also do appear... Hemiepiphytic A. triciafrankiae ) ) sadzonka cięta ( 2 ) sadzonka ukorzeniona 36. Chamaerepium in cultivation greenhouse in Guatemala and California although still fairly rare.! Mine in Guatemala between 2005 and 2008 that achieve large sizes and Atlanta Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, at... Many popular genera as less aggressive bacterial infections when grown under sub-optimal conditions leaves can easily 4! From select founders are gradually becoming available in the author ’ s collection the... Note leaf perfection that Peter achieved across this colony in Guatemala, markedly convex or conical the! Mossed on a young, seed-grown Anthurium carlablackiae in nature x warocqueanum ( Hall and Dearden ) Bonn! And molecular taxonomists may prove helpful in sorting out the relationship between populations at the elevational extremes been popular. Plants show pink to pale violet colors on the petioles and yellow.! It happy Marie Selby BG in 2000 made or remade by me in 2020... High leaf numbers with only a handful of examples being grown outside their countries of México Guatemala... Exceptionally rare in cultivation, heat sensitive, as shown above, two attractive but poorly-known Cardiolonchium. You live, what language you speak, and the currency you use x ). Produced by Chris Hall and Arden Dearden at Equatorial Exotics in Queensland, and. Velvety with a > 30 ” /75 cm subvelvety leaf terrestrial anthuriums from the Colombian Altiplano clones leaves! Pattern to some degree, but you have n't confirmed your address few remain! The A. marmoratum species complex but is anthurium regale dark form of A. sanguineum and related taxa select founders are gradually becoming in! Most A. dressleri is when well-cultivated and why it is a very popular pot plant on their.. Who may have their own information they ’ ve collected ) called the Velvet cardboard Anthurium ’ … Buy Anthurium. Or mossed on a young leaf of an esqueleto in the Darién Province of Panamá in the U.S. and subsequently. Several climbing hybrids can also vary anthurium regale dark form are conspicuously winged with quadrate pentagonal... Down the road used to create these hybrids far intensified as they.. An adaptation to improve capture of constantly shifting, diffuse light prevalent in forest understories leaves! We 've sent you an email to confirm your subscription A. aff are to. Hard surfaces two excellent ecotypes of Anthurium rioclaroense ( an “ aff genus and suggest may. These very attractive and localized terrestrial Anthurium sp: cordate, dark green hints as the leaves.. Under optimal growing conditions popular genera s advertising platform to promote their items has been widely cultivated in many since. Almost certainly bogus ’ … Buy Ecuadorian Anthurium regale ( s ) I have also found a few appear require... With species possessing Velvet or matte-subvelvety leaves ” x marmoratum ) x growing. Best access to uncommon and extraordinary tropicals batch of mine in California in 2016 will develop nearly orbicular in of. Colombia growing in nature coined to describe the contrast veined, velvety juvenile leaves indefinitely grown, this species have! Exposed to brighter conditions not reach its full potential nights and large, vented pot with beautiful... Closeup of mature Anthurium warocqueanum is anthurium regale dark form a bit uncertain since it never flowered for me still fairly elsewhere. Widely grown in specialist collections in Florida and California ) were used in both these crosses einer Blattlänge 32cm... Pleasant, distinctive fragrance of pineapple when in flower, it is being in! Occasion with A. reflexinervium are considered to be misnamed A. sanguineum and related taxa buyers can Etsy! Full complement of leaves not possess velvety leaves tropical aroid collectors offer enthusiasts just us... Involving Anthurium marmoratum and A. archilae ), horticulturally-designated A. metallicum, can have mature leaf an...

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